Made with Shea Butter & Silk

Apple Cider

A year-round favorite that combines the warm scents of apples, cinnamon & nutmeg. 


Apricot Chamomile

First introduced last year and keeps selling out.  Packed calendula leaves, chamomile and infused olive oil, this soap feels gentle, yet has medium scrubbing power due to the chamomile leaves.  


Cucumber Jade

Made with fresh organic cucumbers, this soap has a light and clean cucumber scent.



Rich and sophisticated.  Our Jasmine has been a staple for years and is a blend of the scent of real jasmine and a touch of airy light powder to give it softness.


Up North

A very popular soap reminiscent of a northern forest.  Lots of pine, fir, balsam and a touch of musk.


White Lavender

A great soap with the elegant scent of Lavender.  Scented with Lavender Essential Oil & Patchouli Essential Oil.


Complexion Bar

Full of French Green Clay, botanicals and essential oils.  Fresh, clean and apothocaric scent.