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Available Scents:

Cranberry Orchid:  A cranberry-persimmon scent blended with a clean, upscale floral aroma.  One of our best sellers.  Strong Fragrance.

Emerald Lemongrass:  A very unique fragrance combination that is deep, sweet and tart.  The tartness comes from the Lemongrass, while the deepness comes from Amber, Patchouli and Anise.  Our second-best seller.  Strong Fragrance.

Ginger Royale:  Ginger, ginger, ginger!  This lotion is filled with several types of ginger for a full, robust aroma. Strong Fragrance.

Lily of the Valley:  A sweet spring scent.  Medium-Strong Fragrance.

Mint Ivy League:  A clean, fresh scent with just a touch of mint and hint of cucumber.   Medium Fragrance.

Mercedes Hibiscus:  The best seller!  Sweet & floral hibiscus.  Strong Fragrance.

Unscented Cashmere:  No added scent; just our creamy smooth lotion.  No Fragrance.