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Shea Butter with Emu & Lavender

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Special formulation that contains skin-loving Emu oil and true Lavender essential oil.

This combination is a customer favorite for helping their dry skin.  Many repeat customers love this for their excema also. 

Whipped Shea Butter is highly concentrated and very rich, so just a small amount is needed to massage into dry, cracked or inflamed skin.  Continued use may help to prevent the appearance of dry skin.

Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Emu Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Modified Corn Starch.

Latex allergy customers:  Some people with latex allergies are also sensitive to shea butter.

What others are saying:

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  My husband's legs are finally healed and no more itching. -- Mary

I can't live without this.  I keep on in my purse, one at work and one at home.  My excema no longer itches and is under control.  Thank you so much. -- Therese

My fingers used to crack and even bleed.  Even next to the nails it was so dry.  I just put this on at night and now I haven't had a crack in over a year. -- Jo